Youuuu dont want to fall in love with a writer..


I am surrounded by people who not only, matters to me.
But the universe.
I am around grief and mental illness.
The moment when your soul left this earth,
I felt your spirit.
To have a presence of someone who’s so angelic..
I am now on a new high.
A time traveler,
jumping from different dimensions.
Surrounding myself around those who has a sparked an interests just like my mind.
My heart pure desires can only find.
A gold currency due to time.
We are now living in a new world. Where time sped up and our mind is slowed down.
A lack of knowledge that dumbs us down.
Is where were going to witness, tears of blood shedding, and smelling death near by.
They’re controlling our minds.
Plottin plans to manipulate our lives.
I lived in another century before this time.
They erased our history,
plugging it in with white lies.
Where black is the new black,
& we are empowered yet still belittled.
Racism is still alive.
No matter how many eyes,
people can’t seem to open their 3rd eyes..
if we flip everyone inside out..
We all bleed the same ..